Brad Edwards Painting & Home Improvement LLC has assembled a list of frequently asked questions with the appropriate answers. If you have additional questions, please Contact Us.

  1. Does your company have liability insurance?

    Yes, Brad Edwards Painting & Home Improvement LLC is covered by liability insurance.

  2. How long has your company been in business?

    The tradition of quality was handed down through generations of hard work and integrity. The business was originally started in 1945 by Ken Henning. In 1951, Elmer Edwards joined his uncle and later took over in 1982 when Ken retired. Brad Edwards joined his father in 1983, taking over the reins in 1993 when his father retired, continuing the tradition of excellence that now spans over sixty years.

  3. Do you supply free written estimates?

    Yes. First, we will arrange for an appointment to evaluate your project requirements. After this evaluation of the proposed project, we will prepare a free written proposal with ball park figures of time and materials. This proposal will be sent to you by e-mail, postal mail or FAX.

  4. Do you supply referrals?

    Yes, referrals are supplied on request. You may also visit our “What customers are saying” on our Web site.

  5. What if I would like additional work done after the proposal has been written?

    Brad Edwards Painting & Home Improvement LLC’s goal is to provide outstanding customer care. If you have additional projects that you would like completed, and if time permits, we will certainly attempt to complete the added project. However, we may need to arrange a later date to complete the additional work. As with the original project, the additional project would be charged only for time spent (per hour rate) plus materials cost.

  6. When should I expect to hear back from you after I leave a message or an e-mail?

    Phone call messages and e-mail inquiries will generally be returned within 48 hours.

  7. How does Brad Edwards Painting & Home Improvement LLC usually charge for a job?

    We only charge for the time spent on the job, a per hour rate plus cost of materials.

  8. Once we’ve decided to have a project done, when will you be able to start?

    At times there are breaks in the schedule and we may be able to fit you in. However, our schedule may also be booked up at any time from 3-6 months or more. Clients that know Brad Edwards Painting & Home Improvement LLC’s work, will call and get on the “list” so as to be at the top when they are ready to do that area of the house.

  9. Do I need to move any furniture, décor (breakable “nick-nacks”), clothes from the closets etc… before the job gets started?

    You do not need to move furniture, but you are welcome to move any furniture you would like to the center of the room, or another room. This will save time and allow us toget started right away. We do prefer that you at least move your smaller décor items. If you would like to clear your closet(s) yourself that is fine too, however, we can also take care of this for you.

  10. Do you do exterior painting, or other exterior work?

    Very little. Interior work has kept us so busy, that we’ve only done some small exterior jobs from time to time.

  11. Do you supply all of the materials?

    Yes. In general all the materials are supplied.

  12. Do you prefer a brand of paint?

    Yes. The brand of paint we prefer is Benjamin Moore Paints.

  13. Do you use latex and oil paints?

    Yes. We use latex on all wall and ceiling surfaces, however, we prefer to use oil paint on all woodwork. The final result of oil paint on woodwork is superior to that with latex paint.

  14. Do you accept credit cards?

    No, we do not accept credit cards. Payment in the form of checks or cash is preferable.

  15. Do you require a deposit?

    No, we do not require a deposit. The only time a deposit is requested is when the job requires 3-4 weeks or longer.