Case Studies

“I have looked everywhere for a TV stand that will fit in that corner with no success. Do you have any ideas?”

Case Studies 1Challenge: The client wanted a television stand in a small corner next to the fieldstone fireplace in a formal living room for the existing TV.

Solution: Careful calculations of the television and the corner revealed that there was barely enough room to construct a cabinet. The cabinet doors would need to slide inside the cabinet to be concealed while the TV was in use.

Case Studies 1Result: A custom armoire-style entertainment cabinet was designed and constructed. The doors were constructed to slide vertically inside it when the television is in use. Electrical outlets and the cable outlet were moved to accommodate the television, DVD player and cable box. Drawers were crafted to hold various items. A custom pull out swivel tray was fashioned for the television so that it could be moved to be viewed from anywhere in the room.

“It takes a very long time for the hot water to reach our master bath. I know we are wasting water. Do you know if there is a way to fix this?”

Challenge: To route the hot water from the hot water tank to the master bathroom for quicker hot water.

Solution: Typically in ranches and 1 1/2 story houses where water lines run the full length of the basement, it is possible to run a hot water supply pipe directly from the hot water tank to the bathroom through the basement ceiling. An evaluation of this home revealed that the master bath was on the ground floor and that it was possible to reroute the hot water. The basement ceiling tiles were removed and a new hot water line was installed.

Result: Hot water now reaches the master bath within ten seconds instead of the previous average of in excess of five minutes. In addition, water conservation is achieved.